J.Crew Haul + ootd

Why hello there Lovelys,

First haul of the blog.... woot woot! This isn't one massive J.Crew purchase, but split into two transactions instead. I ordered these online and they have a $9.95 flat rate shipping. There are 3 J.Crew locations in Canada: Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto. If you have any doubt about their sizing (because they tend to fit larger than your normal size), you could check the sizing at those location!

Leggo !

Blythe blouse in silk
  • Item #: 37871
  • Size: 00
  • Price: $114 (on sale right now $92)
  • Review: I love love the colour. The pictures don't do the justice. Must have item from J.Crew!
Silk Blouse

  • Item #: n/a
  • Size: 2 petite
  • Price: ~$70?(I forgot since it's not on the site)
  • Review: This is a petite size and it still fits big but what's difference between this blouse and the bly blouse? This blouse has no pockets, the collar is bigger, and the hem line is shorter.
Cotton V-neck sweater in neon stripe
  • Item #: 75130
  • Size: xs
  • Price: $34.99 
  • Review: It's neon alright! I didn't expect it too be that bright because in the picture, it looks like a light yellow. Not in love with the fit.
 Jackie cardigan
  • Item #: 29350
  • Size: xs
  • Price: $80
  • Review: Meh... nothing really special about this cardigan other than the buttons are a tad nicer than your usual white cardigans. I would personally wait for this to go on sale to get it.
Schoolboy blazer in navy
  • Item #: 28233
  • Price: $230
  • Size: 00
  • Review:  I love this blazer. It fits amazing and it's made out of wool so it's very warm. The price is a bit steep, but you won't regret it !
Ankle stretch toothpick jean in classic rinse wash

  •  Item #: 46240
  • Size: 25
  • Price: $146
  • Review: Unfortunately these jeans don't fit as nicely on me as I would like them to fit, but then again I have a weird bottom portion. I have hips but skinny legs, so there's a lot of extra material. A co-worker of mine asked me what size I was wearing and she said it looked too big on me. Nonetheless, I love the wash and it feels really comfortable.
 Mona leather pumps

  • Item #: 46785
  • Size: 7
  • Price: 162.99
  • Review: I can't give a review yet because I haven't worn them for long hours yet. The colour online is WAY different compared to real life.

ootd ^_^

Gucci watch, chambray collared dress, J.Crew neon striped sweater


Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush- Pink Frosting 10


I  found a blush hiding in the back of my make-up drawer , but the dream mousse blushes are discontinued.This blush has an interesting concept.. it's a mousse textured.


Packaging: I love the packaging. It comes with a glass jar and on the lid, it prints the colour of the blush so it's easier to find the shades. I read that gel/cream make-up products in glass jars last longer and I can voucher that to be true because I think I had this since 2 years ago? I know it's probably gross to have make-up 2 years ago but the product itself is still amazing !

Pigmentation: It's has a good pigmentation. Pink Frosting is a 'girly pink', as in it's a very bright baby pink.

Texture: Very soft and creamy. There are tiny speckles of glitters in it, so if you're looking for a matte blush, this is not for you because it definitely shows up on the skin (even though my camera couldn't pick up the glitters). It's best to apply with your fingers, as the warmth of your fingers will warm up the product for an easier application. You do have to work fast with this blush or else it drys on the skin quickly.

Stay Power: It probably last around 5 hours before it starts to fade; however, if you use it as a base and set another blush on top of it, it can last up to 9 hours.
5.75 g You get a  lot of product for the price of it

uhh.. the texture looks disgusting here LOL

This is a light swatch
Overall: 4.0/5


Liebster Blog Lovin'

Ello !

I was recently tagged by the lovely Cherry Berry for the Liebster Award ! ^.^ This is my very first tag post and  I'm ecstatic that someone even consider to tag me.. haha I'm a loser, I know :P

  •  Post 11 things or facts about yourself
  • Answer the questions the tagger has made and create 11 other question for the people you decide to tag
  • Tag 11 people and link them in the post
  • Go to their page to let them know you've tagged them
  • No tag backs ; )

11 facts about me:

1)     If I were to think on the top of my head one food I don't like, it'd have to be bean sprouts. Whenever my family and I go out to eat in a Vietnamese restaurant and there's bean sprouts in my bowl/plate, I'd pick it out one by one.

2)     I started playing the piano when I was 10 years old.. kind of late.. but whatever. I'm currently in grade 10 (RCM).

3)     I am an introvert and can sometimes be very anxious when there is a large group of people present.

4)     I used to be deathly afraid of dogs, to a point where I would climb onto my dad or mom whenever I saw one. Of course, this was when I was younger, but now I love love love dogs. I sometimes even squeal when I see one.

5)     However, I'm scared of cats and squirrels. They move so fast and swiftly, and because of that, I feel like they're going to jump out of nowhere and rip my face apart. LOL

6)     I've dyed my hair all shades of colour from pink to blue to green. Ever since I was 9 years old, I've never had solid black hair. It's always dyed some sort of colour,

7)     My feet are quite long and slender for a girl my height. I'm 5"2 and have size 7 feet.

8)     People my age usually would have a smartphone, but I don't. I use an old school Sony Ericsson phone (the pink one that slides up haha)

9)     I have uneven eyelids. One is double folded while the other is single folded.

10)   I don't wear make-up on the daily basis because I'm way too lazy for that. I wear it when I go to work or shopping.

11)   When I was 4, I cut my own hair and was about to cut my dad's hair too until he woke up hehe

11 questions from Cherry Berry:

1) If you could only wear one makeup product on your face when leaving the house what would it be ?  
         Does lip balm count as a makeup product? If not then I would choose eyeliner. :P

2) What is your favourite food?
         Pasta !

3) What is something on your wishlist right now ?
         Louis Vuitton BB
Sooo not happening

4) Will you be vacationing anywhere this year?
         No, but does going to Seattle for shopping count? Lol !

5) What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
         Easy, mint chocolate chip mmmmm......

6) What is the last thing your bought (makeup or fashion related) ?
          Hot pink pants from Zara ;)

7) Your most go to makeup product?

8)  An article of clothing you for sure want to get for the summer?
           Maxi dresses 

9) Do you have a role model?   
           Just like any typical girl would answer this question with: my mom

10) Pet peeve?
         TOO MANY ! One thing is when people smack their lips/mouth when they're chewing food or another one is when people come way too close to me

11) Favourite type of junk food?
         Candy ... haha I definitely have a sweet tooth

My questions for the people I tag:

1) What is the one thing you cannot live without?
2) What was your first makeup purchase?
3) How many hours of sleep on average do you get?
4) What is your dream job?
5) Your favourite song of the moment? Link it
6) Where do you shop at the most?
7) Which trend would you consider to be a fashion faux pas?
8) If you could have any animal in the world as your, what would it be?
9) Do you have any phobias?
10) What are you currently lusting over?
11) Which brand do you believe to be overpriced ?

I tag:
Meggie Moo
Amanda Lah
Xan Pham

Spread a little love today <3