Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Quints - Pink Punch

Hey Loves,

This is yet another drugstore review by Maybelline. I've always wanted to try out different colours other than neutrals so, I decided to pick this quint in Pink Punch. Going for pinks is risky because if it's not the correct shade of pink it could make your eyes look like they swelled up. Yikes !


Colour / Pigmentation: I was happy that when I applied the shadow on my eyes, it did not look like my eyes swelled up. The colours are not very pigmented. If you want to use this quint make sure you use primer over your eyes first !! As you can see I made swatches. The first one is without primer and the second one is with primer.

It made a dramatic difference eh? Also, another reason why you would want to apply primer is because every single shadow has shimmers in it.

Packaging: Not a fan of their packaging... especially the darkest purple shade. It's very hard to get the brush in there and get product out. Comon' why did you have to design it so that it's in a skinny V - shape =.=" ?!

Texture: The shadows are very soft with the exception of the silvery glitter one. That shade is very gritty because of the large glitters.

Overall: 2/5 This is a good quint if you like soft light pinks and glitters, if you don't, stay away from this quint !!


No Go's :(

Hi lovelys,

Most of the products I'm going to review today are from the drug store. Lego !
                                                      1) E.L.F cream eyeliner - Ivory
Now, I've read a lot of raves about this product. People claim that it's waterproof, smudge proof, and over all an amazing liner for the price. No doubt this is water proof and smudge proof. The reason is because when applied, it feels like glue is stuck onto your skin !  I think I received a bad batch because it was NOT creamy AT ALL grr ! It's hard to get the product on the brush because it was so dry. Ready to see how dry it was?
Tada ! It was so dry that the product fell out of the jar lol !

                                2) L' oreal Telescopic Explosion ( Black - waterproof)
Okay, the reason this caught my eyes was because it reminded me of the Givenchy mascara. I thought that it would really lengthen my lashes because the wand head is very small and it's round.This was not the case. It clumps and doesn't volumize or lengthen the lashes. Plus, it smudges down to my waterline. It's very time consuming trying to put this product on. Oh yeah, possibly the worst smelling mascara ever...

                                                    3) Mac Lip glass ( Feeling Dreamy )
Surprising? This is also a highly raved product; however, it disappointed me. It highlights the lines on my lips thus making me look sick. I guess it just doesn't go nice against my skin tone. It's very pigmented though !
                                          4) CoverGirl ( heh... forgot the name of this  )
(Excuse the previous lipglass swatch :P) Comes with step one which is the coloured pink lip gloss and a step two which is a clear gloss. I find this formula to be very dry and sticky. Yuck!  When I tried to remove this with make-up remover it wouldn't come off unless I continuously rub at it for a good minute. As you can see when you apply the clear lip gloss the colour changed. I prefer the two colours mixed together however this lip gloss just feels uncomfortable on the lips. On the plus side... it smells good haha.
                                  5) L' Oreal H.I.P. ( Gilded (?) Metallic Shadow Duo )

I like the gold colour but not the black colour. The gold colour is very blendable and smooth with good pigmentation. The problem with the black colour is that it looks very chalky. Also, I think the sparkles are too big in size which makes the texture feel coarse and thus creating a very harsh effect on the eyes when applied.

                                     6) Smashbox ( Jet set waterproof - Midnight black )
The swatch of the Smashbox is on the left and I compared it to the Mac blacktrack fluid liner on the right. As you can see, the Smashbox is not very dark. It's also not as creamy as the Mac liner. The hold-up of the Smashbox is pretty good, but not as good as the Mac.

Hopefully that helped some people with their decision making when they're shopping because I love reading stuff people recommend and do not recommend. 



Hi lovelys,

I haven't updated in a long because I couldn't think of what posts to put on my blog. Here's an outfit of the day. I'm on a hunt for a part-time job hence.. semi-formal attire. Anyway, if I had the money I'd fill my clothes with semi-formal/ girly clothes. After high school I told myself that I wouldn't wear sweat pants anymore :P
                                        Munition blazer, Talula floral shirt, Hollister jeans