Skin Food Red Bean BB Cream spf 20+ in no.1 light beige

Ello ello !

I finally got to try my very first BB cream ! I've been meaning to try BB creams, but I couldn't get my hands on them until I found a FB shop that sold them. The FB shop orders massive amounts from a supplier so they can get it at a cheaper price. Anyways, I choose Skin Food as my first BB cream because Skin Food uses organic or "original form" as their ingredients.

Red Bean BB Cream spf 20 pa+: A hydrating BB cream with red beans that nourishes and moisturizes rough skin while providing natural yet flawless coverage even when applied in a thin layer.


Coverage/ Pigmentation: Medium coverage and the colour matches my skin fairly well. For reference I'm no. 125 in MUFE foundation.
Livability: Lasted me until the end of the day which was 9 hours and it still looked flawless, but then again I set it with power.

Odour: It smells like flowers but after the application, there is no more odour to it.

Packaging: Standard squeeze tube with a simple 'organic' design.

Texture: Light and feels very nice on the skin. I sometimes have rough patches on my skin and this went over it pretty well. It didn't feel gross on my face :) !
The organic packaging



Additional information: Apply the cream onto the face in an upward and outward motion. Made in Korea.

Overall: 4.8/5 I'd say this is way better than the Lancome bienfait multi-vital teinte that costs around 2 times as much!