Skin Food Red Bean BB Cream spf 20+ in no.1 light beige

Ello ello !

I finally got to try my very first BB cream ! I've been meaning to try BB creams, but I couldn't get my hands on them until I found a FB shop that sold them. The FB shop orders massive amounts from a supplier so they can get it at a cheaper price. Anyways, I choose Skin Food as my first BB cream because Skin Food uses organic or "original form" as their ingredients.

Red Bean BB Cream spf 20 pa+: A hydrating BB cream with red beans that nourishes and moisturizes rough skin while providing natural yet flawless coverage even when applied in a thin layer.


Coverage/ Pigmentation: Medium coverage and the colour matches my skin fairly well. For reference I'm no. 125 in MUFE foundation.
Livability: Lasted me until the end of the day which was 9 hours and it still looked flawless, but then again I set it with power.

Odour: It smells like flowers but after the application, there is no more odour to it.

Packaging: Standard squeeze tube with a simple 'organic' design.

Texture: Light and feels very nice on the skin. I sometimes have rough patches on my skin and this went over it pretty well. It didn't feel gross on my face :) !
The organic packaging



Additional information: Apply the cream onto the face in an upward and outward motion. Made in Korea.

Overall: 4.8/5 I'd say this is way better than the Lancome bienfait multi-vital teinte that costs around 2 times as much!


  1. This looks interesting. What caught my attention is the name, red bean. I am currently using Super 79(Korean brand) and have used Missha(Korean too) but would like to try more. Thanks for the review!

    Just came across your blog. New follower of you!

    Hope you will check out mine some time, http://mui28.blogspot.com

    1. Yeah, because skin food is known for their natural ingredients so I thought, "hey why not?" I think I'm going to try Super79 next, heard lots of raves about it.

      Thanks! Followed you back:))