Urban Decay Melt Down Makeup Remover

Hey Loves,

I've never bought makeup remover before, so this is my first time buying it! (I usually just use regular facial cleanser). I got this at Sephora awhile back when they had the 15% off promotion. This stuff is quite pricey! Note that this is an eye makeup remover.


Effectiveness: Non-irritating, gentle, and removes most of the makeup off, including waterproof mascara, and eyeliner. It does leave ever so hint of make-up left, but you can easily clean it up with a q-tip.

Odour: The first time I used this, I was taken back by the odour. The scent smells like grandma's foot cream or something. It was very disturbing and I was going to return it because of the smell, but then I got used to the smell afterwards so the scent doesn't bother me anymore.

Packaging: I like squeeze tube packaging because that way you can easily squeeze even the last drop of product- I believe.Good for traveling.

Texture: Creamy, ideal for those with drier/ combination skin. Non-greasy so no need to wash your face after you use it, in fact, the ingredients list that there are cranberry and raspberry seed oils, along with kukui nut and oat oil to help moisturize and replenish the skin.

Before you buy this remover, I suggest you smelling the product because most people will not be able to handle the scent.
Overall: 3.8/5 (Most of the points is taken off because of the scent)


  1. hi honey!
    u should update so i can read!! <33

  2. I shall try this. Beautiful blog~

    1. Be warned of the deadly smell. Thank you :)