Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush- Pink Frosting 10


I  found a blush hiding in the back of my make-up drawer , but the dream mousse blushes are discontinued.This blush has an interesting concept.. it's a mousse textured.


Packaging: I love the packaging. It comes with a glass jar and on the lid, it prints the colour of the blush so it's easier to find the shades. I read that gel/cream make-up products in glass jars last longer and I can voucher that to be true because I think I had this since 2 years ago? I know it's probably gross to have make-up 2 years ago but the product itself is still amazing !

Pigmentation: It's has a good pigmentation. Pink Frosting is a 'girly pink', as in it's a very bright baby pink.

Texture: Very soft and creamy. There are tiny speckles of glitters in it, so if you're looking for a matte blush, this is not for you because it definitely shows up on the skin (even though my camera couldn't pick up the glitters). It's best to apply with your fingers, as the warmth of your fingers will warm up the product for an easier application. You do have to work fast with this blush or else it drys on the skin quickly.

Stay Power: It probably last around 5 hours before it starts to fade; however, if you use it as a base and set another blush on top of it, it can last up to 9 hours.
5.75 g You get a  lot of product for the price of it

uhh.. the texture looks disgusting here LOL

This is a light swatch
Overall: 4.0/5


  1. Thanks for the swatch! :D Now, gotta get it.. :) hehe


  2. Thanks for the review :) I always see these blushes in store but i was skeptical about the mousse texture :p

  3. This looks like a good product, such a shame that it's discontinued because I really want to try it >_<


  4. this is a really lovely shade :)

  5. Oooo the swatch is so pretty...
    I've tried one of the other dream mousse blushes and I really liked it! I will need to pick up more shades. :3

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog <3
    You're so beautiful!

  7. Haha, I've never liked mousse makeup products - I hate the feeling of it on my fingers and how it looks after a while! I remember seeing these on the shelf a while back, and one of my girlfriends did say it was pretty good. The shade you picked out is really pretty!

  8. great review and pictures!


  9. love the colour! really pretty and youthful

  10. the colour looks really fresh and bright!

  11. Oh I love mousse make up ! nice review ^.^ would you like to follow each other :) ?

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  13. Wow, nice review~~ I've always been interested in trying mousse products, but too skeptical...

    Thanks for commenting on my blog :) ♥ Haha I'm shy & awkward too >__<

  14. thanks for the review. Ive never tried mousse blushes before, I keep thinking that being the clumsy person i am, I will apply it all uneven.

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

  15. That is such a gorgeous shade and I really love the colour payoff! :)


  16. Lovely swatch ! Thank you :-------)

  17. they still sell these here in the UK, i swatched some on my hand the other day and it doesn't come off!
    i guess it will be on my purchase list


  18. Very lovely colour, I like these kinds of textures with blush... thanks for sharing with us :) Anna

  19. thanks for the review, the colour looks really pretty! ♥