Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles

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The drug store product I'm reviewing is the treatment concealer with goji berry + haloxyl by Maybelline. It claims that it erases dark circles and fine lines while diminishing the puffiness of the eyes. There is 6ml of product and I got it on sale for $6.99 CDN (originally $10.99 CDN).

This is in the colour light. The first time I tried to get the product out was a fail.... I kept twisting the collar of the applicator but the product wouldn't come out. I twisted it probably around.... 15 times until it came out -.-"


Colour/ Coverage: I think this colour 'light' is also good for highlighting. However, the cover isn't that great. This product is good for people who have minimal dark circles under their eyes.

Texture: It's semi build-able, not cakey and 'smooth'.

Odour: This maybe a weird category but I  hate it when some makeup have too strong of a odour especially the face products. This product has no odour.

Pros- I like that the applicator is very soft which is good because you don't want to tug under your eyes. The collar allows you to control how much product you want and the pro about this is that you never can accidentally get too much product out.... well unless you twist it like 15+ times ! It's also very convenient in that there is no need for brush, you could just use your ring finger and blend the product out or if you want, use the applicator.
Cons- The packaging of the applicator isn't very sanitary because you can't wet it to clean it. On the bright side.... it says that it's protected with an anti-microbial system......so it should be clean... ! yay !!

Additional information: For extreme dark circles, apply a neutralizer shade underneath your concealer. Made in U.S.A.

Overall: 4.5/5. I like it cause I don't have very dark circles and it looks natural for me... cause I hate concealers that look very obvious/ cakey.

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