Maybelline - Define-A-Lash

Hey Loves,

Yet another review hurrah ! Ha... I picked this mascara because of the pink packaging. This is in 'very black.' Some things it claims to do:
  - Zero clumps
  - Clean definition
  - Voluptuous volume
The cool thing about this mascara is that there is a wiper contour brush to remove excess formula, ensuring zero clumps on lashes.

I have the short sparse eyelashes so there's nothing to really curl.. or maybe my eyelash curler is bad lol.


Ability to hold curl: It does not hold curled lashes,but that doesn't mean the lashes go back to stick straight just very minimal curl.

Colour: Very black.

Clumps: Lives up to the claims; indeed, no clumps.

Lengthening: It individually lengthen each lash.

Volume: Fairly voluminzing.

Additional information: This is probably one of the few mascara that doesn't smells! The wand is very flexible/ bendy. The only thing I don't like about this mascara is that the wand is designed very strangely. What I mean by that is that it seems that the middle part of the wan curves in too much so it's hard to get the product onto your lashes. So, in the end you have to take time to clean up the excess product that may get onto your eyelids. Check out the below pictures and maybe you will get what I am trying to get at.

Bare curled lashes
First coat
                                              Second coat

Overall: 3.0 / 5


  1. I think the first coat is okay, but the second coat seems to be a bit clumpy. Thank you for your honest review.

  2. It's actually not clumpy. It's poorly design of the brush that gets the product onto the eye area. You're welcome ! :)

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