Maybelline - Unstoppable Eyeliner (Onyx)

Hey Loves,

I've been on the hunt looking for the ultimate smudge proof eyeliner. I hate it when I would constantly worry about getting raccoon eyes...it makes me look so conceited always checking myself out on my phone or on the car reflections =$. I just don't want to scare the bejeepers out of people....


Pigmentation: I got the colour onyx which is a dark opaque black.

Packaging: Okay, I was disappointed because at first it came presharpen, but after one time use it became dull. It's really hard to create a thin line. Another thing is that I tried sharpening it but the product broke off! A huge chunk of the product was gone and got stuck in the sharpener. Do not sharpen this product !!

Staying power: It doesn't smudge a lot if you set it with black eyeshadow, but it smudges a little bit when you don't set it with black eyeshadow.

Texture: Glides on smoothly without any tugging.

Usage: Of course because after the point broke off you cannot create a sharp and precise line,so I use this liner to tight line my waterline and it works fairly well.

Additional information: It's kind of hard to remove the liner off the eyes... or maybe it's because my make-up remover sucks!

First swatch

Waited ~10secs and vigorously rubbed my fingers

Rubbed underwater

Dull tip >:(

Overall: 3.3/5
 Boohoo it's been raining/snowing in Vancouver.


  1. This looks like a pretty durable liner. I am paranoid about my eye liner smudging too, so I'm always looking in the mirror to make sure it's still there. I'm still looking for my HG smudgeproof liner!

    1. Ikr >< !I think the Physician Formula eyeliners are supposedly really smudge-proof. I'm going to do a review on them ^_^